Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who doesn't love cake??

Well, maybe my waistline...but other than that, not many people I know dislike cake!! What I have found that I love even more is decorating cakes!! This is a new found hobby and I'm by no means professional. I just started doing what I love: making a mess, using my hands and having fun all at the same time!! This has developed into a yummy and messy hobby that I recently can't get enough of...cupcake/cake decorating!! I had a small amount of ...well, they are called "business cards" but since this is not my business, I'll call them info I had a small amount of info cards made up and received them in the mail yesterday. They turned out cute and they sparked my interest even farther. This morning, I decided to start a blog about the entire experience. I like to blog and I like to decorate I thought, "why not put the two together and record my trials and triumphs!!" I'm not trying to get business, I'm trying to get experience. I'm trying to connect with people that have a reason to celebrate with cake and give me a reason to expand my cupcake/cake decorating knowledge. Here I'll record my messes and masterpieces (if you can call them that, remember...I'm just learning!!). So, Welcome to "for the love of cake"!!

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