Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can I Play Catch Up Real Quick??

...because this post is going to be jam packed with pictures.
I have been bad at picture uploading lately!! To be honest, I lost the digital card that held these pictures and (after looking through over 10 cards and 800 pictures) that is why I'm just now getting around to uploading these. Here are some cakes and cupcakes that I've made over the past month (okay maybe longer than that, ha!):
What do you get a guy that loves the Atlanta Falcons and Clemson Tigers??...cupcakes!! I loved making these cupcakes, even if I'm a Gamecocks fan! Is that bad?? ;)

SPONGEBOB!!! I knew I would eventually get a request for the square guy! Everything was edible. Spongebob was made out of rk's and fondant. The sea weed and Gary (the snail) were made out of fondant and gum paste. The cake was vanilla with butter cream frosting.

This cake was made for a Sweet Sixteen!! My first Sweet Sixteen birthday cake!! This young man enjoys many things! So what better cake to make than a cake out of his favorite things...can you see them all?? His first car (a blue jeep), the beach, guitars, rock n roll music, surfing, tie-dye, and texting on a cell phone (but of course! what teenager doesn't love to text??). This cake took a lot of creative juices, with the help of his mom and many pictures, I think we captured the spirit of this sixteen year old!

Two Times the Fun...take two! This was the cake I made for the first set of twin girls. Their favorite colors are purple and pink. They were getting purple and pink Vera Bradley purses for their birthday. I tried my best to hand paint a similar Vera pattern. I also have to say, I LOVE these girls names!!! The purse and gift were made out of rk's and fondant.

Fifty and Fabulous!! I made this cake to help celebrate a surprise birthday party for a obviously fabulous, fifty year old! The cake party colors were black, red and yellow.

Two kids, two cakes, two different party!! These cakes were made for a brother and sister that share a very close birthday. The little boy turned 3 and the little girl turned 1. The small purple cake was made for the "smash" cake, with cupcakes to match. The 3 year olds cake was a lot of fun to create!

Five and Fun

This past weekend a little girl turned five and she celebrated her birthday with a fun cake!
I used her favorite colors to design this cake.
The cake and cupcakes were chocolate with butter cream icing. All of the decorations were fondant.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Need for Speed

What little boy doesn't like cars? Better yet, a car that is just the right size for him to drive!?
This cake was made for a little boy that races go-carts. His birthday was this past weekend and what better way to celebrate than with a "winners circle" go-cart cake!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Pirate and a Princess have a Party!!

One of my favorite little girls (my best friends 3-year old) shared a birthday party with her equally adorable cousin this past Saturday. Born three days apart, how could anyone resist the ease and fun of planning a dual party! The theme? Princess' and Pirates of course!
Both the princess and the pirate are made out of fondant. The bottom tier of the cake is yellow while the top is chocolate.
This was a neat cake to make! I only wish my pictures would have turned out better.

Happy Birthday x 2

Twin girls might share the same birthday, but that doesn't mean they have to share the same interests!! This of course would result in two different birthday cakes!!
This was actually my second time making a cake for twin girls!! It was a lot of fun! For these twin girls, One likes chocolate and one likes Vanilla; One likes Soccer and the other Dancing....this resulted in the two cakes below.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Coming soon!

A cake update!! I promise!

I have had a number of people ask me when am I going to post more pictures? Have I stopped decorating **gasp** cakes? Do I no longer have a computer? Did my camera break?

I am, NO, computer-check, nope!

I've just been slammed with cakes and work! No complaints though! I just hate not getting my blog updated fast enough. It seems that every time I turn around I'm making another cake or not at a computer where I can download pictures. Please forgive me. I guess all I can say is "life happens" ;-)
My goal this weekend is to have all of my latest cakes uploaded!

Thanks for your patience guys! I honestly love all of the support I've been getting!!