Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I was contacted by a very sweet lady in Sumter, SC that requested a Fathers Day cake. Her husband is a big Dallas Cowboys fan. She asked me to make something Dallas Cowboys themed for his father's day cake...this was such a FUN cake!!:

(The bottom tier was french vanilla with buttercream "grass", the top tier was chocolate with buttercream icing. The footballs and "Happy Father's Day" circle are fondant with royal icing piped on. The football is fondant covered rice krispy treats!)

**Edited to add: I just got the sweetest email from the lady I made this cake for. THAT is why I LOVE making cakes!!! I love making things that others can really appreciate and enjoy :-)


  1. Looks great, love all the detail!

  2. Ok, just STOP IT! Stop being so awesome. ;-)

    You're going to have to give me your secret of getting buttercream to look so smooth! I cannot do it!

  3. thanks guys :) Keith...or Moo...I can't decide which of you posted the last takes fooorrreeevvvveeerrrr to smooth out buttercream and it really, honest to goodness, depends on the day and how the buttercream "feels" that day...some days its in a good mood, some days its in a bad mood, lol. It also takes practice!

  4. Again! So creative but then what's new when you're involved. I sure hope you are charging enough for these cakes.