Monday, July 20, 2009

Cakes, Cakes and more cakes!

I've been busy baking cakes! So please forgive me for my lack of posting.
A friend needed a cake for a co-worker of hers. His favorite university football team is Alabama. Here is what I designed:

Al the Elephant is Alabama's mascot. Cake is Vanilla with buttercream frosting. Al is rice krispy treats covered in fondant. All other decorations are fondant.

Its a Girl!! I was thrilled when asked to make cupcakes for a baby shower in Irmo, SC. The hostess wanted pink and green. She also requested the babies initial "E" and a few baby items. Here is what I came up with:

Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing. All decorations were fondant.

Pacifiers, teddy bears and bottles.

I loved making the little mini fondant ribbons for the teddy bears.

The latest cake, my Dad's Birthday Cake!!! I LOVED making this cake! I'm a big daddies girl so this cake was also very special to me and I wanted to make it perfect. I designed this cake to match my dads hobbies. He is seriously a big kid. I wanted to put all of his "toys" on his cake. Which would include a boat, a dirt bike, and a remote control airplane.

His favorite, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. All decorations are edible. The only thing not edible on this cake was the "fishing line".

The remote control airplane is crashing into the side of the cake. This symbolizes my fathers "skills" with remote control airplanes and actually goes way back to when he was a small child, haha.

The large mouth bass!!You can see the dirt bike peeking around the side of the cake.


  1. Oh my goodness, your dad's cake is too cute! I know he loved it :)

    Hey...I need some ideas for cupcakes for Alexa & Walker...we want to do something for thier joint party that will work for both. Thoughts?

  2. Your Dad's cake was amazing! You made everything look so real down to the last detail. Your dad might just have to get that bass mounted and hung on the wall with his other one. Hee Hee He really loved his cake. Thanks sweet girl. We love you!!!!!

  3. The cake is soooo cute. I hate I missed seeing it in person. Your talent continue to amaze me. Love you, AJ

  4. Thank you so much for making the baby shower cupcakes for me! They tasted moist and perfect, even after being in the fridge for two days! You are really blessed with a super talent! I'll order again!