Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cake Ideas??

So I'm trying to come up with some ideas to get my fellow cake lovers and blog readers more involved in my cake decorating process. I've got a few ideas but I think I'll just try one for now. Seeing as how I just started this whole endeavor not that long ago, I'm running on a handful of tried and true recipes. I could really use more cake flavors, filling flavors and even icing flavors. So, here's my attempt at getting everyone that reads this blog to participate in my cake baking journey. Please post a comment that lets me know your FAVORITE cake flavor. I would be even more grateful if you would post a recipe!! I won't even tell anyone if you want to give away "grandmas secret famous cake recipe"!! haha. I'm going to wait until Aug.3rd for all comments and then I'll pick one person (randomly) to send a special surprise to! Don't worry, it's not cake (unless you live close and you want one!) so it can safely be mailed to anywhere in the US. I'll post the chosen poster on the 3rd and get your shipping information then. Remember, you don't have to post a recipe if you don't have one, your favorite flavor cake will be fine too! Thanks dear, faithful readers!!


  1. I love carrot cake!!! Have never made one that I really loved so I will spare you the bad receipe.

  2. Why don't you ask Mer for her recipe....remember the little green stuff? ha ha ha. Luv ya Mer!

  3. Ok for the 4th try, not sure why my comment is not getting through.

    White Chocolate with raspberry filling and butter cream icing

    Lemon with Lemon Icing

  4. I.LOVE.RED.VELVET.CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh, I like that idea Mom - the white choc with raspberry. I love lemon with lemon filling and buttercream icing.

    And I will be glad to give you the carrot cake recipe with the green things! :)

  6. are the 2 best recipes I have done so far:

    Just a plain yellow cake..the kicker is the filling..chocolate GANACHE and fresh sliced strawberries...and for frosting: almond flavored butter cream.

    the other is Orange Rum Zum Cake with an orange rum glaze (from the cake doctor)and Chocolate Orange Buttercream frosting.

    I've got pics of both on my facebook page....let me know if you want recipes!!!

  7. My grandma used to make my favorite cake and now my mom makes it for me. I call it peanut butter cake but its really white cake with peanut butter icing. The icing is made with peanut butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract I think - I would have to ask my mom for the recipe to be sure. The icing would make a great filling with white or chocolate cake!!

    Also, have you thought about brushing a liquor over the cake? For instance - brush Kahlua over finished chocolate layers. It gives the cake a little kick, but its really really good.

  8. I like red velvet!! and Italian cream, carrot, chocolate....okay....what don't I like :)