Monday, August 3, 2009

2 more birthdays!

From the moment I started this blog I had a faithful and sweet follower. She asked me over a month ago to make two cakes, for two up coming birthdays in her family. One was a spiderman birthday cake and the other was a cross birthday cake. Both cakes were vanilla with buttercream icing. All decorations were edible. It was nice making a cake for someone that found me through this blog and then getting to meet them in person!!
The spiderman was a lot of fun to make! He was made out of fondant and then I used a small cake paintbrush to paint (with edible icing color) the spider web print on his outfit.


  1. omg they turn out so good and you are so awesome and was so great to finally meet you .........Big smiles we all love them both thanks so much cant wait to get mine n my brother is so happy to be gettin his done to smilesss