Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Have Cake and Eat It Too!!

My neighbor, who is also a very good friend of mine, recently celebrated her birthday and of course I just HAD to make her a cake...but this was no "normal" cake.  You see, my sweet friend is allergic to gluten.  Sadly, the main ingredient in cake is flour, which is nothing but a bunch of gluten.  Therefore, she had never really had a "real" birthday cake.  Her allergy was discovered when she was a baby, her mother would make her a small cake on her birthday while the rest of her friends ate "normal" cake.  How could I NOT make her a cake after finding all of this out??  It was a challenge and I stressed more than I probably even needed to over this cake.  I packed a bag full of ingredients and headed over to her house, I had her inspect everything I was planning to use.  Once my ingredient list passed the gluten free test, I began the baking process.  The first cake I made did not rise.  In fact, it looked more like a large cookie rather than a cake.  Epic Fail.  My second attempt went much better.  I was prepared for the cake not to rise, so I added more batter to the pan.  This worked! I wanted one layer to be chocolate cake and the other to be yellow butter cake.  The chocolate cake was the last one I made and it too turned out just perfect.
Before the cakes were made, I put my designing skills to work...threw in a little poetry and came up with the perfect design for her cake.
She loved her cake, as did everyone that celebrated her birthday.  It was a success! My first gluten free cake was a success!!
The best part was watching my friends reaction when she saw her cake for the first time.
The writing on the cake:

"Happy Birthday Christie,
Cheers to you!
Now you can have your cake,
and eat it too!!"

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