Monday, July 26, 2010

The Cat in The Hat

I finally got the chance to make a cake that I have been wanting to create for quite some time. The recipient was turning one and her mother was throwing a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party! This cake was so fun. I drew the design on paper and then started sculpting. The top piece of cake and hat were RK's covered in fondant. The piece of cake had disco and luster dust on it to make it sparkle. The cake itself was golden butter with buttercream icing.

I made thing 1 and thing 2 out of gum paste. I rolled the gum paste out and hand drew the design onto it. Then I cut around the edges, I wanted to leave a white boarder so the "things" would appear to have jumped straight out of the pages of "The Cat in The Hat" book. Everything was hand drawn and painted with lemon flavoring and coloring gel.

The candle was fondant/gum paste and disco dust made the flame shine.

I loved every minute of making this cake!

The tea cup and fish were carved from cake, one of my first attempts at cake carving. I iced the entire cake before putting on a layer of fondant. I was fairly happy with how the cup turned out. I tried to keep everything as whimsical as possible. I hope I would have made Dr. Seuss proud =)

***You have no idea how many poems I have come up with to go along with this cake...but I decided to spare you all....after all, I decorate cakes I don't really do poems....but if you can come up with a really good poem to go along with this cake, I would LOVE to hear it!!!!!***